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Our purpose is to help individuals that want to remain in their own homes for life rather than end up in a long term care facility such as assisted living or nursing home.  We have the training, experience, and resources to make a lifetime stay in your own home safe and comfortable.  Our office is in Las Vegas, Nevada, and we service Southern Nevada and adjacent portions of Arizona and Utah.

Several years ago AARP surveyed their members to find out what plans each had made to eventually move into a long term care facility.  Nearly 85% of those responding stated that they were not going anywhere, they were staying in their homes for life.  Staying at home is one thing; staying at home safely and comfortably is quite another.  That is where we come in at Accessibility Services, Inc. (ASI).  ASI is the alternative to a care facility.

As we age our abilities change and so does our vulnerability.  It was explained to me this way, "When we were kids we used to play tag and climb trees".  Are you still playing tag and climbing trees?  Probably not.  As we change with age our environment needs to change with us.  A complete assessment of the home environment must be made to determine what needs to be done.  The solution may include, home modifications, support equipment, or in-home care services.  Or, all three.  If ASI does the assessment it is FREE.  If services or equipment are bought from us or those we recommend there is a charge but when all is said and done considerably less will be spent than the cost of living at an assisted living or nursing home facility.  And, you, or a loved one, or a client will still be living safely and comfortably at home.


Phone:  702.469.6090


Bill Foster is a part owner and founder of Accessibility Services, Inc. He is an alumnus of UCLA,  a former U. S. Navy officer and corporate executive.  He has owned and operated several businesses.  In the 20 years prior to founding ASI he designed, built, and operated assisted living facilities.  Realizing that most individuals would rather not leave their homes he created ASI to help people remain safely and comfortably at home.

ASI was founded in 2004 in California and re-incorporated in Nevada in 2007.  Our mission is for everyone to enjoy their home for a lifetime.

Mr. Foster is a:
  • Certified Aging in Place Specialist by National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB)
  • Certified Residential Building Inspector by the International Code Council
  • Selected Compliance Inspector for the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Special Adaptive Housing Program
  • Licensed Elevation and Conveyance contractor by the State of Nevada
  • Certified Installer of ceiling lifts by Liko-Hill Rom
  • Certified Installer of ceiling lifts by BHM-Medical
  • Certified Installer of stairlifts & vertical platform lifts by Bruno Independent Living Aids
Mr. Foster has spoken to over 80 professional, service, and senior groups in Las Vegas including:
  • Summerlin Hospital, Rehabilitation department
  • Multiple Sclerosis Foundation of Nevada        
  • Sunrise Hospital, Rehabilitation department
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association of Southern Nevada
  • American Parkinson Disease Association of Las Vegas
  • St. Rose Dominican Hospital, Rehabilitation department
  • UNLV, Physical Therapy Department
  • Touro University of Nevada
  • Vegas Valley Rehab Hospital
  • TLC Care Center
  • Valley Hospital, Therapy Service
  • Stroke Support Group
  • ALSA of Nevada
  • Henderson Senior Center
  • Southern Nevada Center for Independent Living
Barbara Foster:

Bill is joined in the ownership and operation of Accessibility Services, Inc., by Barbara, his wife.  Barbara brings to the company years of experience as an office manager.  She makes sure that the office runs smoothly; that all reports are filed when due, all schedules are met, all files are up to date, and all bills are paid on time.   When you call she will probably be the person that will answer the phone.

Phone:  702.469.6090