Ceiling lifts are actually a lifting system composed of track, lift motor, and sling.  The configuration of a system can truly offer a handicapped individual the opportunity to move anywhere at anytime.  Configurations are limited only by ones imagination.  We feature the ceiling lifts system components produced by these industry leaders;  ArjoHuntleigh and Liko Hill-Rom.  Each offer slightly different solutions to lifting tasks based on their decades of worldwide experience.  Both are dedicated to producing quality equipment that is reliable and safe.

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ArjoHuntleigh Straight Ceiling Lift Track
Pictured here is a ceiling lift system using ArjoHuntleigh components.  The track is attached to the ceiling structure, a 440 pound capacity lift motor is fixed to the track, and a moisture proof sling is used to transfer this patient from his wheelchair (not shown) to a Jacuzzi equipped bathtub.  The track could have been designed and installed to meander through the home from bed to tub to toilet with numerous curves, round tables, and switches.  It also could be supported by wall posts rather than fixed to the ceiling structure.  The lift motor, rather than being fixed, could be portable to be used on track in other locations; it could also contain a traverse motor allowing the patient to make the transfer without assistance.
Here is a portable ceiling (overhead) lift system from ArjoHunteigh that is completely self contained.  The lift motor has a capacity of 440 lbs. and is portable.  In fact, this whole system is very portable.  It is easily disassembled, without tools, to individual light weight component parts that fit into storage bags for easy transportation.  Ideal for a patient that needs a lift getting in and out of bed but loves to travel.  The lift system is easily carried in a car to be assembled at the end of the drive in a motel room as shown here, or in the cabin on a cruise ship.

This portable ceiling lift or overhead lift system from Liko Hill-Rom
is mounted on lockable wheels and can be lowered to move  through door ways for use in an other room.  The lift motor shown is portable but a fixed lift motor can be installed on this rail with a traverse motor for solo operation and the track is available in lengths over 16 feet.  This system has a rated lifting capacity of 440 pounds.  A version of this ceiling lift system is available that supports two tracks, side by side, onto which are mounted two lift motors.  That version is designed for transferring extremely heavy patients.

UltraTwin - For The Heaviest Lifts
Transferring and caring for extremely heavy people safely without jeopardizing their integrity can be a challenge.

Liko Hill-Rom
has extensive experience working with overweight patients and are considered pioneers in the industry for lift solutions involving very heavy patients.  The ceiling mounted UltraTwin system shown here consists of two lifting motors which together give a lifting capacity of up to 1,100 pounds.  The motors are attached to the UltraTwist accessory which in turn  is attached to the ceiling structure.  The UltraTwist offers the system the unique ability to adjust the patient's position during and after the transfer.  The lifts can be operated with one or two hand controls.

The best ceiling lift in the world will not work properly if the sling, sling bar, or spreader bar is the wrong size or shape.  Or, if the sling is not the right size, or does not provide needed support, or is made of the wrong material for the application.  Please check out our SLINGS page.

Developing a ceiling lift system for a particualr lifting application requires experience and knowledge, but most of all it requires a great deal of thought.  All of the variables starting with a patients condition, examination of his/her living space and structure, the availability of a great number of lifting systems,  and finally the costs takes quite a bit of time to do it right.  That is a challenge we love to tackle at Accessibility Services, Inc.  We can design a solution to any lifting problem that you may have and we will do it at no charge to you. 

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