Accessibility Services, Inc. is your best source for HOME LIFTS in Las Vegas and surrounds.  Our local, family owned business provides the best services, the best products, and the best prices for stairlifts, ceiling lifts, floor lifts and porch lifts.  Visit our Accessibility Workshop where home lifts are set up, powered up, and ready for you to examine and try out.  Please call 702-469-6090 to schedule a visit.


American made Bruno stairlifts make upper floors available to everyone.  They can be fit to any staircase, straight or custom curve, installed indoors or outdoors, and have a rider capacity of up to 400 pounds.


Ceiling or overhead lift configurations are limited only by ones imagination. Tracks can be portable or fixed with curves, switches, and turntables. Lifts can be portable and moved from track to track or fixed to a track with lateral and vertical motors.  Lift capacities to 1100 pounds are available. Slings for children, adults, and bariatric individuals in materials suitable for a variety of environments are available.


Floor lifts lack the ease of horizontal movement available with a ceiling lift. However, light weight aluminum lifts can be used almost anywhere.   Besides lifting, floor lifts can be used for gait training, sit-to-stand exercises, and lifting an individual that has fallen to the floor.  Slings contribute to the versatility and are available in different sizes, materials, and designs depending on an individuals needs.


Half of the lifting solution is choosing the right sling.  Accessibility Services, Inc. has the world's largest assortment of slings and lifting accessories including sling bars with different widths and different functions.  Our slings can be used to lift patients in all types of situations.


Now your porch, deck, or upper floors are totally accessible through these affordable solutions from Accessibility Services, Inc.  A wheelchair lift, often referred to as a VERTICAL PLATFORM LIFT, VPL, or porch lift, can be free standing, fixed or portable, or enclosed in a hoistway to function like an elevator.


CONTACT US by telephone, fax, e-mail, or hand written letter.  We always can find the time to visit you in your home for a free, no obligation, assessment of your needs.


The purpose of Accessibility Services, Inc., is to provide barrier-free home access for everyone.  Sometimes that means special equipment, sometimes that means a redesign, and sometimes that means both.  We have the knowledge and over 30 year of experience to solve your problems and keep you safe and comfortable in your own home.